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Through teaching visual art concepts, seeing and mentoring I nurture tangible growth in artists and that is as exciting to me as it is to the students.     Gary

To Whom it May Concern,

Gary Smith , who has conducted painting courses at the Main Street Community Centre, has demonstrated talent and skill as a teacher. I, a former secondary school teacher with the Scarborough Board of Education and a student at OCAD and AGO art classes, have come to admire his approach to the teaching of art to diverse and challenging groups of students.

A knowledgeable and technically skilled artist himself, Gary is willing to share his achievements with his students and encourages them by explaining his own approach to creating art and solving problems which arise during his projects. His students have a rare opportunity to experience a hands-on exploration of the creative process from the point of view of an artist who is willing to share his expertise.

Gary’s classes begin with exercises which cover basic principles of making art.He states his objectives clearly at the beginning of each session. He then encourages excellence in his students by accommodating the different levels of ability in the class. This flexibility results in a learning atmosphere in which the individual’s contribution is valued and appreciated by the students.

Gary fosters an appreciation of classic and contemporary artists with an analytical approach to their work. He actively promotes community events pertaining to art and encourages his students to display both works -in-progress and finished paintings. His enthusiasm for painting is infectious and his methodology of teaching results in personal growth and satisfaction among his students.

Howard Shaughnessy

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