Mathematainment Limited 2016/2017 Project


I am in the process of creating several online video’s of my personal art lessons for Mathematainment Limited’s (Qatar) educational website.   Theirs is a huge project and I am delighted that they are offering unique Art Classes by Gary Smith online.  They will own these videos so that website is the only place you will be able to view them.  The website is under construction and their official opening will be announced here as soon as the launch is ready.

As of August 12 I have developed the following art classes for them:

COURSE                                                                 LEVEL     LESSONS

Lights and Shadows, (The Key to Visual Art) -1       Beginner           2

Lights and Shadows, (The Key to Visual Art) -2     Intermediate        4

Lights and Shadows, (Advanced Challenges) -3     Advanced          6

Unlocking Your Style- Part 1                                        ALL               6

Unlocking Your Style- Part 2                                        ALL               6

SPECIAL CONCEPTS 1 – Power of the Darks             ALL               2

SPECIAL CONCEPTS 2 – Composition if only 1 Rule   ALL               2

Develop Your Visual Memory                                        ALL               6

Introduction to Acrylics                                                 ALL                6