Painting Classes and a Full Portraiture Curriculum

During the Fall, Winter and Spring I teach the following courses at LucSculpture.

It is is a special art school for the public. For example Grandparents bring their grandchildren there to do art together. That tells you of the spirit of the place. It is becoming a mecca for local artistic people of all the arts, music, poetry, etc. and since Luc’s wife Yuri is a Naturopathic Doctor the top floor is a clinic. Therefore it is no surprise that there is a lot of activity there related to good health and welfare such as yoga, and healthy cooking workshops.

Gary Smith has 2 types of courses. Painting and Portraiture.

PAINTING (for all levels)

Monday afternoons 9 to noon, 1 to 4pm and also Monday evenings 6:30 to 9:pm.


March 18-May 29 (no class April 1).Cost 6 weeks $237.30

Drop ins are welcome at $35/class if space available.




May 6 – June 24 (no class May 20 Victoria Day)

Cost 7 weeks $245 + 31.85 = $276.85





GARY SMITH PORTRAITURE CURRICULUM ~ Thursday evenings, 6:30 to 9:30

Additional fees for models and/or supplies apply for each course.

This is an entire curriculum on portraiture over 5 Levels (courses) for $276.85 plus applicable fees specific to per Level.

Approval of Portfolio is a prerequisite for entry into these levels. Homework is mandatory.

In this workshop series, Gary shares his concepts and practices for capturing likeness in drawing portraits. Expect exercises to improve your seeing and your accuracy. You will be drawing yourself and each other in class. Near the end of the course, there will be models who will let you practice what you have learned. Students will be exposed to different artists’ works and short demos will also be included.

LEVEL 1 – Facial Anatomy and Drawing Foundation

 • Focus: Facial features, accuracy, shapes, shadows, edges  and rendering. Lots of homework plus practice from drawings. Understanding of face and head.

• Media: Sharp pencil
• Projects:Several including renderings from printeddrawings.

 LEVEL 2 – Draw like the masters  (3 Colour Methods used by Holbein, Rubens and Watteau) 
• Media: 3 colour pencils on specially treated papers
• Topics: Temperature. Refined hatching, and practice from photos
• Projects: Weekly portrait assignment from old master drawings


LEVEL 3 –  Creativity in Portraiture
• Media: Soft Pastels on Canson Mi-teint sometimes with Clear Gesso
• Focus: Review of all portrait elements. Creatively express the essence of the model.
• Projects:Practice every class with a different model



LEVEL 4 :  Sensitivity to VALUE ~ GRISAILLE 

March 21st to May 2nd, 7 weeks

Focus: In this intro to the classical approach to oil painting each student will work on one large portrait for the entire session from a photo of your choice to complete a high quality grisaille
• Media: Oil paint
• Topics: Values and edges
• Projects:Develop a good grisaille

• Level 4 Costs:

$245 plus tx =      $276.85
plus supplies fee   $ 45.00 ….…(22×28″ canvas, mediums, and black and white paints
for total of            $321.85



May 9th to June 20th, 7 weeks

Paint in oils again but this time in colour, ‘alla prima’ Paint a full portrait each class from a different model. A $50 model fee will be applicable for this Level.

For schedules see This class is for the very serious student who wants solid foundation skills and is willing to do homework.


SOFT PASTEL WORKSHOPS ~ Occasionally I offer Pastel Workshops in Portraiture, Landscapes and Still Life. Below is a SAMPLE from 2011.





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