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Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

By this stage in my life I have had many years of enjoying the artist’s life. Even when I was in business, art was my main focus and pleasure so I worked it into everything I did. My other intense interest is people. It is no wonder that the roles I have fulfilled are salesman, teacher (from grade one to the MBA at McGill University) and art coach. As you would expect I gravitate toward people in my art and have done over 2000 portraits. My murals are noteworthy and have always been adventures in themselves. I do commissions and my paintings are represented by the John A. Libby Gallery in Toronto. My work is personal and energetic in nature. My motto is”People Are Worth Remembering” and that applies to pets and older buildings too. I am not the first to say it but it is worth repeating. “The first art is the art of living”, so I live a full and exciting life and hopefully my paintings reflect that. Gary Smith

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  • “Gary has helped me “see” those important components that make a painting interesting; Composition, values, warm and cool, etc.  He always brings something new to class that adds to the many layers of art appreciation, and enhances our understanding of the process involved in creating art. Beyond the instruction on painting techniques, he has helpful information on participating in exhibits, additional courses, and suggestions on seminars.   I truly appreciate what I’ve learned in the last 3 years.”

    Emma Arragon
  • “I just enjoy painting and I am happy if people feel good to see my paintings. You taught me how exciting painting is. You showed me how to paint with passion.”

    Rieko Myauchi
  • “The greatest piece of luck I had as a beginning painter was to meet Gary Smith. First as a member of his class at Lucsculpture and later as a private student, I have benefited from his enthusiasm,  his broad and deep knowledge and his unique ability to  make his students believe in themselves.”

    Maryann Murphy

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